Monday, 30 May 2016

1st Mountain Bike Race of 2016

Mountain bike racing got underway for 2016, when ORS hosted Wascana Trails on May 29th.  The South Saskatchewan Mountain Bike Club has been cutting/grooming new trails at Wascana Trails, just north of Regina and WOW, the new trails are AMAZING.  Get out there and take them in - just minutes from anywhere in Regina.  Consensus feedback from racers was - great trails, super fun to ride and yet challenging.

I was finally feeling healthy coming into this race, but i could tell early on my fitness was not quite humming like fine tuned race machine (yet, when have i ever felt like a fine tuned race machine?).  But anyways, by lap 2 of 4 i new i was not going to close any gaps to those ahead of me, so i rode hard to stay ahead of another racer - a race within a race.  While this strategy worked for the one racer i new was chasing me, another racer showed great form in laps 3 and 4 to pass and drop me.

If i put things in true perspective, i am thrilled to the gills to out there, racing hard and putting my everything into the day.  It has only be just less than 18 months since i finished treatments and to be feeling healthy, somewhat fit and be racing against the largest MTB category in Sask, i am super happy.

Improvements will come.  I have been sick and somewhat injured for a month, so i will see gains over the summer.  The ascent up the ranks will come.  I trust it will and know i will work to make those gains a realty.

As i said to Kathleen yesterday, we have to pat ourselves on the back for the little victories and the small things we do every day to be happy and successful - so here is to riding hard, not crashing and have a blast doing what makes me smile.

Happy trails all.  Enjoy what makes you smile and feel successful.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Training Update

One of my winter goals was to crush some hard intensity trainer workouts to build my power as i felt i had lost some power given my bout with Cancer in late 2014 and early 2015.  Plus, i am feeling 100% healthy so why not hammer out some hard rides and see what gains are possible.  In addition, i have been hitting the weights and doing some heavy leg work to build back strength and hopefully address my climbing weakness.  Many thanks to Joel Friel's "Fast After 50" for the guidance to "intensity" for the winter.

Did a third FTP test the other week.  First one in late October was the benchmark.  My 20 minute average power was 202 and watts/KG were 2.58 (202/78.2) In early January the numbers were 220 for the 20 minute average and watts/KG was 2.63 (220/79.5).  A small improvement, but was off to the UK and London for 2 and 1/2 weeks mid December, so i was happy with the improvement.  And just in, the latest test indicates my 20 minute average power is up to 239 and my watts/KG are 2.84 (239/80).  A nice gain over the last 6 weeks and a decent improvement over the test period - roughly a 15% increase since October.  Just need to trim a Kilo or two and the gains will be magnified.

Planning to take a little cycling trip over the last four days of April.  Headed to Penticton and will ride with a group of guys from Saskatoon - a little catch up with old friends.  Once i been hammered into the ground over these four days, i will test again and see what the final numbers are for the winter of intensity.

It is time to start running more or start again as my last run was January 27th in Vancouver.  Bought new shoes to help motivate me, so it is time to get outside and run.

Until we meet again, enjoy what the day offers and make the most of it.


Thursday, 10 March 2016

100 Push Ups

On December 1, I started a push up challenge - starting with one day and then two, then three, etc.  On Wednesday i hit 100.  I feel i accomplished something as i never been strong at push-ups.  I missed a couple of days here and there - and boy the next day was tough.  Especially true when i missed 96 last week and had 193 the following day.

I must admit never doing more than twenty at a time.  But i got them done and soon i will start a crunch challenge and will boast the number of push-ups in a row to 25, then 30 and so on.

Give it a go, it may sound easy, but it gets tough pretty fast.

Good luck and have fun with this shenanigan.

Friday, 4 March 2016


Well, this move has been contemplated for 18 months or so and finally it has happened.  A new Man of Leisure mobile has been acquired.  First new vehicle in 35 years - about time.  Always wanted a Subaru and figured the Outback would be the vehicle of choice, but decided on the Crosstrek as the $10-$15K lower price tag was more to my liking.

So far (one day of testing) so good!  Getting a hitch installed as part of the deal and will get a Yakima Skybox for gear.

I also have been hiding out in the basement since Xmas, employing a different mode of transportation.  Definitely more economical, but don't seem to get anywhere too quick.  The gains in fitness from following "Fast After Fifty" book by Joe Friel, are noticeable.  But need to do another FTP test, likely in the next few days, to actually measure the fitness gains.  I have to put in the hard efforts now, so i can stay in touch with the crew from Saskatoon, when we head to Penticton in late April.

Well, that's all folks.  Enjoy whatever shenanigans you are up to!

PS - I can finally say that my car is worth more than my bikes!  Been a while!

Monday, 15 February 2016

February Update

Yo all!

Life is pretty good.  Other than Kathleen healing from a knee scope - two weeks in and Kathleen's knee is slowly coming around.

Work wise, as busy as i expected.  The changes in the sales structure are good, if not great.  For me specifically, the switch to Inside Sales and handling web and employee leads is a super nice change.  No more advisor appointments and no more driving to see clients - work life is dam good.

Been training consistently.  On the trainer/bike 3 times a week.  Need to boost that to 4 times now.  Hitting the gym 2 and sometimes 3 times week.  Strength is improving by leaps and bounds.  Will do another threshold test at the end of the month and hope to see another increase in my FTP watts.  First test after the baseline test in November was in early January and i saw a small 10 watt (5%) increase in my 20 minute average wattage.

Booked a weekend trip to Penticton in late April to ride with some friends from Saskatoon.  Should be a ton of fun.

Kathleen and i have a weekend trip to Saskatoon at Easter to do some shopping.

Life is good and managing to keep the shenanigans to a minimum.

Ciao and enjoy the moment!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

2016 - Off to a Good Start

Last post i was supposed to learn more about blogging and post more.  But that never happened.  But i did take all the chemo and radiation treatments/shit and punted cancer to the curb.  Completed treatments one year ago and so far so good.  Hip Hip Horray!

Now it is 2016 and taking a FB holiday and again hope to blog more.

Training consistently now as training in the spring of 2015 was none existent, summer was okay - got better and better. Cross season was blast, had tons of fun and raced well.  The fall was off and on, but started back doing weights and training with power on the bike.

The plan is to ride 2 or 3 times a week focusing on high intensity and gaining power.  Hit the gym at least 2 per week.  Maybe run or snowshoe once a week and swim once a week.

Work is supposed to be busier as i have switched roles within Manulife Bank and am looking forward to the change.

Well hope to post again real soon.  Until then, plan your work and work your plan.

Cheers all.